Our Mission

We improve the lives of our customers and tenants by providing high quality accommodation and property which meets needs and exceeds existing standards.  

We work with communities, renovating or repurposing empty or neglected properties,  to support inclusive and sustainable economic growth and to create a more successful place.

How do we measure our impact?

Improving lives

We conduct tenant satisfaction surveys to understand whether we have succeeding in meeting their needs and improving their living conditions.

We record and report data on how many tenants we accommodate and an assessment of impact based on the feedback obtained through satisfaction surveys.

Economic growth

We record and report to stakeholders data demonstrating:

• how many empty properties we have brought back into use
• for commercial properties, the impact on the local economy
• how much we have invested in the community
• the proportion of investment spent with local businesses and contractors

Supporting Successful Places

We review annually how we have supported the Scottish Government’s Place Principle and the National Performance Framework. Our assessment addresses in particular how we have worked and planned collaboratively with the communities we work in and whether we have succeeded in taking a design-led approach to meeting needs through the provision of high quality accommodation. We share our assessment with our stakeholders and seek feedback on how we can enhance our contribution to successful place making in future.