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Do you have savings that are doing little for you, actually devaluing due to high inflation and low bank interests rates?

Perhaps you’re interested in investing in property but don’t have the time or the knowledge to get started?

passive income, great returns

We make it simple to benefit from a passive income at a fixed rate of return, ensuring that your savings deliver great returns for you.

ethical investment

We work with like-minded individuals who share our values to help our business grow, bringing more quality properties to the rental market, while making great, asset-backed, returns.

how it works

Our funding partners typically loan from £5,000 upwards for terms of 12 months and more. Fixed rate returns vary from 7 – 9% pa depending on the value of the loan, the length of the term, and the preferred type of security.

learning while earning!

Our funding partners are an important part of our team and we’re happy to involve them as much as or little as they like in our process, offering the chance to learn about our business model and experience with us the process of sourcing, renovating and refinancing property from start to finish. Maybe we’ll inspire them to become a hands-on property investor themselves!

But of course some simply want us to do the hard work and get their money working for them, which is absolutely fine too.

private funder case study
We bought this property in cash with our own funds in April 2021 for £56k.
It had been empty and neglected for over 2 years and needed significant work to bring it up to our high standard.
Using our in-depth knowledge of the local market, we knew that we would be able to convert this two bedroom property into three beds, adding significant value to the property.
We used £46k of private funder finance to pay for the refurbishment work.  we worked with local trades people and suppliers who carried out the extensive refurbishment to a high standard.
We kept our funding partners up to date  on progress throughout the project, including regular reports and a site visit.
On completion we refinanced, taking a mortgage on the property based on the new valuation of £120K.
Our total spend on the project:
Purchase: £56,000
Purchase tax & fees: £2,790
Refurb cost: £45,000
Total: £103,790
We took a 75% mortgage on the property against the value of £120,000, releasing funds of £90,000 in February 2022.  We used this to repay our investors.
We had borrowed £46,000 from our funding partners at a fixed interest rate of 8% per annum for the 9 months from purchase to the mortgage being settled. This earned them a healthy return of £2,760 in interest.
funding partner feedback
"We were delighted to be part of this project.  Fiona and Mark kept us involved from start to finish and it was fantastic to see the beautiful end result of their hard work.  Knowing that we've helped turn an unloved property into a comfortable home is really satisfying.  The interest we earned paid for a holiday for us - much better than watching the value of our savings decreasing month on month in our building society account.  We're hoping to partner with them again soon."

common questions

No, not at all.  We appreciate that not everyone has large amounts of savings, but even smaller pots have the potential to deliver great returns.  We work with private funders with amounts from £5k upwards.

Investing in property, like many investment types - investing in shares for example - comes with a degree of risk. Property investing is popular for a reason however - your investment is asset-backed by the bricks and mortar value of property. We take our commitments to our funders very seriously, and work hard to mitigate risks, using our knowledge and experience to avoid possible pitfalls. 

We ask for a minimum funding term of 12 months. While refurbs can be carried out quickly, other parts of the process like the legal work and refinancing can take some time. We will keep you informed throughout the process so you know what to expect. We understand that sometimes unforeseen events could mean you need your money back sooner than planned. In this case we will do our best to be flexible. 

All kinds of people can partner with us! Perhaps you have a ‘rainy day’ account, or a pension lump sum you’re wondering what to do with. Or maybe you’re saving for a deposit for a home of your own. You might plan to invest in property yourself, but would like to experience the process as a funding partner before taking the plunge. Whatever your situation, we’ll work with you to structure your funding in a way that meets your needs. 

Definitely! We remember how daunting it felt at the beginning, trying to get started. Partnering with us means you’ll experience the process up close, learning from us each step of the way. We’ll take you through our business model and involve you in the project in as much detail as you like. We would like nothing more than to help you launch a successful property business of your own!

It’s up to you! You can choose to fund a particular project or fund our property business generally. Either will deliver great returns. We will discuss your specific needs and preferences with you, and make sure we agree a model that works for you.

How we work is as important to us as what we do. For example, we ensure that we engage with the communities we work in and in each project aim to benefit the community, as well as our future tenants and guests. Our business reflects the people we are; our business decisions are founded in integrity and we are honest and transparent in all we do.

That will depend on the type of funding we agree. It could be a charge on a property or another type of arrangement which gives you preferred creditor status. We would always encourage you to take independent legal advice for your own peace of mind. 

let’s talk

Want to know more? We’re never happier than when chatting about property – just ask!